The Trolls Have Taken Over

The day of Trump’s inauguration I picked up Felicia Day‘s audiobook You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) – read by the author – mostly because I couldn’t bare to listen to the news on my long commute home and I needed something fun. I ended up listening to her audiobook twice through in news avoidance (and now I want to be Felicia’s friend – I may not play video games, but I’m still super nerdy!) and it was definitely what I needed. Except for the section on Gamergate. Listening to this section I got the same feeling in the pit of my stomach as when I listen to what some of the politicians were saying about the women’s marches on the news and on twitter and I realized to some extent it feels like the trolls on twitter are now in charge of the country.

Politicians and board members have publicly said and shared things like:

“Ladies I think you’re safe”

Fat Women memes

Vagina Screechers (from a school board member – this man was (luckily forced to resign) in charge of the direction of education for children)

What is happening to this world?!

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