Donald Trump has been president for 11 days and each day seems to be more horrifying than the last. It started out horrendous, with his first acts as president making it harder for working families to get a mortgage and of course stared working the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, he also got bizarrely unhinged about his low (relative to Obama) inauguration turn out, and his press secretary actually said it was the biggest turn out in history, which according to any estimate is just not true, and when called out on this Kellyanne Conway called it alternative facts. So his presidency started with his team coming up with a new term for lying, to try and normalize it, over a petty issue that shouldn’t have mattered (especially to the man tasked with running our country). After the press called out this ridiculousness the White House basically threatened to stop taking to the press. No no no no NO! You cannot do that! I know the media isn’t perfect (hell I think they shoulder part of the blame for this Trump mess), but part of being President is having the people and the press watch and scrutinize your every move. That is part of the job. You are working for every single American and they all have the right to have an opinion on what is happening and call you out for what you are doing. This is what you signed up for when you become president. Obama dealt with it with Fox News and Bush dealt with it with the Huffington Post (and others for both of them) and neither ever threatened to lock the press out, no matter what was being said about them. That is terrifying for so many reasons, most of which indicate that all the president wants is positive propaganda and that is not what is supposed to happen in this country!

And most recently is the heinous immigration executive order (muslim ban) that he passed, which caused chaos at airports, detaining people with Green Cards, keeping them out of their home, and leaving refugees (who had already been rigorously vetted) in limbo. For Green Card holders this is their home (some living here for decades) and those who have left the country for holiday or to visit family are worried about being let back in and the rest of them have been warned to stay in the country indefinitely for fear of being locked out. Sure, he claims terrorists, but he also left key countries off that list that his company happens to have dealings with (and those key countries have sent over more terrorists than any country on the banned list).  And to top it off, terrorism is not the biggest threat to Americans, other Americans are, so muslims (and refugees, seriously) are being propped up as a scapegoat. I’ve said the word terrifying in relation to the president so many times to myself in others in the last few days, but it is terrifying. And to top it off he fired the attorney general when she defied the order and told the Department of Justice not to follow the ban. That’s not how this country is supposed to work. Others in your administration and cabinet are supposed to be able to disagree with you and keep you in check (part of the whole checks and balances thing that has been set up) because you are not a dictator (or at least you’re not supposed to be).

This president needs to be impeached and kicked out of office (and I agree with pretty much none of Pence’s policies and I think he did some pretty abominable things in Indiana, but I at least think he won’t turn our country into a dictatorship at war with the world). The sooner the better (again he’s only been president for 11 days and I feel ashamed to face the world as an American currently).

Also, check out the Dr. Seuss anti-Hitler cartoon in this Snopes article (to verify its authenticity) and pay attention to the reader’s shirt…


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