We Didn’t Give Ourselves Trophies

The millennial generation gets shit on. A lot. We’re lazy and special snowflakes and want accolades for every little thing we do. And the one everyone loves to bring out – we still expect our participation trophies. And it’s all talked about like we did those things to ourselves. Like we overthrew the adult coaches of our 6 year old soccer teams to make sure each player got their trophy (and if we did that wold have been awesome). But it was the baby boomers* and now gen x’ers* that decided this was how our childhood should go – then they turn around and gripe, “in my day…” You’re the ones who decided it shouldn’t be done like it was in your day!

There have been several pieces that defend millennials better than I can, but I will finish with:

Previous generations caused a recession as we were trying to start careers, deregulated banks to the point that they basically get to police themselves, watched us bury ourselves in student loan debt (while telling us that college was the only way to a good career), decided it was cool to screw over the environment (and cloak themselves in denial) and gutted many of our social systems, because god forbid they pay taxes.

So you know what? Suck it.

Mature? No. But I’m annoyed.

*No this rant clearly does not apply to all boomers and gen x’ers


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