There’s been a lot of talk about what went wrong this election and some of it (a lot of it?) I think is that it’s really easy for people to get wrapped up in their own bubble; that to them their side is the only obvious side and those on the opposing become caricatures. I honestly thought I was better at searching out view points that were different from my own, but maybe not. I was blindsided when Hillary lost. Not because I thought she was so great, but because I thought that it was obvious that Trump is ridiculous. The thing is there are a lot of people like be on the other side of the line, they may not have been a full on Trump supporter, but they couldn’t fathom voting for Hillary. On some level I do still think this is reprehensible, but I also think those that are horrified that Trump won need to understand how what he said spoke to some people (and how Hillary missed it). If I want a government that supports it’s citizens I need to do a better job of listening to what people want and need (and not just the ones that I agree with).

Here are a couple of good articles that discuss where Hillary and the Democrats fell down in this election:

How Trump Won

The Smug Style in American Liberalism

What So Many People Don’t Get About the U.S. Working Class

I’ve also added Hillbilly Elegy to my to read list and any other recommendations are welcome (featuring any other viewpoints – well to an extent).

Right now, it seems easy to lash out at the caricature of the racist, sexist Trump voter, but that isn’t the full story of those who voted for him. And to draw a comparison to Harry Potter (because can’t all of life be explained through Harry Potter) – most people aren’t over the top Malfoy racist, more are a Ron Weasley kind of racist. It’s not about blind hatred of specific group it’s about growing up with biases and prejudices (which we all have) and being a bit ignorant. And really that’s a good thing (not the being racist part) because people can overcome ignorance by learning about and being exposed to the things they see as outside themselves. A lot of us just need to work on getting out of our bubbles (and maybe stop shouting at each other, I’m far more likely to actually listen to what someone is saying when they’re not screaming insults and throwing temper tantrums).


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