Electoral College

I remember learning about the electoral college in grade school and being filled with disappointment learning that yes, a vote counted, but it was complicated. It shouldn’t be complicated, if more people vote for Hillary or Al Gore then they should be president, why is our state voting for us. I was even more disenchanted with our political process when I learned that the electoral college doesn’t even need to vote as their state dictated (yes, they always have, but legally they can do whatever the hell they want). Seriously?!

I understand that when the country was founded states were a big deal (the country was new the states/colonies had been established for awhile), but our country is not new anymore and people cross state lines all the time (in terms of their address and voting registration). So why are we sticking with a system that was good for a (much smaller) group of people 200 years ago?

While, I’m all for abolishing the electoral college and going to a popular vote, I would also be terribly insulted and infuriated if I voted in an election, thinking my state’s electorates would honor the state’s popular vote, but then didn’t. This brings me to my own ethical conundrum. Today I’ve seen a couple petitions to ask the electoral college to not vote with their states and put Hillary in office. On one level, I think she should be because she won the popular vote. On a second level, asking the electoral college to do this is nullifying millions of votes and that does not sit well at all. On a third level, I really think he is a terrible choice for president (on much more than an I don’t agree with his ideology or policies wavelength) and if he does any of the heinous things he’s promised on the campaign trail it will devastating for our country.

I haven’t actually signed the petition (maybe, yet), and I know the chances of it actually changing anything are slim to nil, but part of me thinks, God, wouldn’t it be nice. 


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